Myriam et Martijin make a beautiful young couple. The Centre Toussaint is a weekly meeting point for them. Together, they come to learn and enrich themselves with a group of equally positive and inspiring people.

Enjoy reading this article prepared especially for you in honor of Valentine's Day.


Sly: How long have you been in a relationship?
Myriam: 3 and a half years.

Sly: And how long have you been taking classes at Centre Toussaint?
Myriam: 3 weeks.
Martijin: Indeed. We have reached the 3rd class of the Haitian Creole classes.

Sly: Why is this an activity you decided to do together?
Martijin: For me, it’s because Myriam is of Haitian origin. I would really love to be able to converse with her family in Creole. I’m starting to understand the language, but I wish I could answer. For me, it’s like being part of my girlfriend’s culture.
Myriam: I saw the promotion for last session’s lessons on social media. Initially, I shared the information with Martijin so that he could sign up. But recently my grandmother had a problem. During this moment, I realized that I understood Creole very well, but that I was having difficulty formulating my sentences. What also interests me a lot is the written part. We realize that the right way to write is very different from what we find on the internet or on social media.

Sly: Are there any other lessons that would interest you?
Myriam: The Haitian history class! I would love to attend. But unfortunately, it doesn’t fit our schedule.
Martijin: Yes, the history lesson. It looks very interesting to me. But what attracts me a lot are the networking sessions that you offer! They would allow me to converse, to practice what we learn in class and at the same time, we always make contacts! I would really like to attend when it will be possible.

Sly: That’s all! Thank you very much!
Myriam: Thanks to you.
Martijin: You’re welcome. See you next week!

Author: Sly Toussaint

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