Speaker, expert in development and Haitian culture
Sly Toussaint makes a difference in the life of those who wish to grow and deepen their knowledge of Haitian culture, through her ability to create revealing and transformative learning programs.
She acquired her expertise while living in Port-au-Prince from 2001 to 2008. After going through a traumatic experience, she had to return to Montreal. The emotional shock was brutal… Since 2009 she has been passionately invested in personal growth.
She has been teaching dance since 2002 and Haitian Creole since 2017. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration from HEC Montreal with a specialization in Marketing and Management and has accumulated numerous participations in the most recognized festivals in Montreal such as the Jazz Festival, Nuits d'Afrique, Haiti en Folie and more!
Her mantra is « Live to the fullest». She believes in knowing our past in order to fulfill ourself in the present, and build our future.
Sly Toussaint has a unique and authentic story; she is known for her positivity, enthusiasm, and her commitment to everyone’s success.



Dancing has always been a part of Anica's life. She started with African dances (soukous, ndombolo, koupe dékalé) because she loved the fast rhythm of these musical styles. As a teenager, she started dancing traditional Haitian dances and has never stopped since! During her six years of dance training, she had the opportunity to develop herself in more classical dance styles such as ballet and contemporary. She created “Boo-G-Kow” in 2018, a program that aims to make dance accessible to everyone. She is also an avid sports and fitness enthusiast. She finds dancing - especially Haitian dance - to be one of the best types of existing conditioning.


Haitian dance trainer

Born in Haiti, Barbara's passion for cooking and the art of hospitality began very early on. She loves to pass on her knowledge. After her studies in hospitality, in her quest to train young people and in her spirit of sharing, she created her own cooking school in Cap-Haitien: EMMEH. She believes that by sharing her culinary knowledge, she learns more for herself.
Barbara has always stood out because of her creative spirit and her communication skills. For her, a kitchen is the perfect place to talk about everything! This is what led her to launch “Barbara Recoit”, where she welcomes guests, in her kitchen, to talk about various social topics. Her determination, her sense of listening and her passion for Haitian culture led her to join the Centre Toussaint’s family.


Haitian cuisine instructor

Of Haitian origin, in love with languages and particularly Haitian culture, Carline began her immersion in Haitian Creole at the age of 4. This is how her grandmother, through speaking, introduced her to the humor, the beauty and the life that exist through this language, in the family home. During her academic training, her foreign language courses allowed her to understand how learning a language allows her to open up to the world.
Learning the written language is, in her opinion, an excellent way to be introduced to the richness of Haitian Creole. Deconstructing the idea that Creole is not a language to be valued at the same level as any other language is one of the main objectives of her course.


Haitian Creole Tutor

Having been raised by her grandmother, Eudia has been immersed in Haitian culture since her early childhood. Curious by nature and lover of languages, she satisfied her thirst for knowledge by reading books and dictionaries in Haitian Creole. Later, she volunteers with children. She helps them with homework and teaches them sewing, cooking, etc.
Eudia now holds a master's degree in occupational therapy. Thus, teaching remains in her daily life because her job is to use education in the rehabilitation process. In addition, she takes care of training new employees and interns. It is with all this beautiful background and with her passion for her roots that she now teaches Haitian Creole to children and adults.


Haitian Creole Tutor

Born in Montreal but originally from Haiti, Medjine has a bachelor's degree in international studies, as well as a specialized diploma in management. Passionate about project management and Haitian culture, Medjine helped organize several conferences on topical issues in Haiti when she was at university, and subsequently became involved as a volunteer with many organizations in Haiti and within the Haitian community in Montreal.
One of her favorite quotes: Be the change you want to see in the world - Nelson Mandela
Having visited her home country for the first time in her twenties, Medjine wants everyone, and especially children from the Haitian diaspora, to have the opportunities and resources to learn more about Haitian culture as soon as possible.


Event Organizer

Ro Damis has been dancing since the age of 7. Every occasion was a good opportunity to practice her passion. She took part in shows in elementary and high school, and it was during these times that she realized her innate talent in performance and creating choreography. She decided to train herself and make it a profession.
She took lessons in dancehall, Haitian dance, hip hop, etc. with the best dancers in Canada. In 2010, she joined a professional dance agency with which she did many shows and competitions in Montreal, Quebec and Trois-Rivières. In 2012, she founded her own group to provide event and dance animation services. She has been teaching and transmitting her passion since 2013.


Haitian Folk Dance Trainer

A native of Haiti, Ronald has played the drums since his childhood. He has appeared on local, national and even international stages where he was able to share his passion for the rich sound of Haitian drums and rhythms. This passion led him to found and be the artistic director of the Rara Soley musical group in 2013. The group's mission is to promote and preserve the traditional Haitian culture. He pursues this mission through the Centre Toussaint.
Ronald Nazaire is the benchmark for Haitian percussion in Montreal. He has participated in several shows and television shows of great renown, among others, the Festival Haiti en Folie, Belle et Bum, etc. In March 2020, Rara Soley released his very first album “Nou La”.


Haitian percussion trainer

Born in Haiti and raised in Montreal, Schedly has a multidisciplinary bachelor's degree from the Université du Québec in Montréal. With more than 5 years of experience in human resources management, she has stood out as a manager in her field.
One of her favorite quotes: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how they felt around you. »(Maya Angelou).
Since her childhood, Schedly has always had a strong interest in Haitian history and culture. So today, she decides to use her expertise and experience to join the Centre Toussaint’s team.


Human Resources Manager

Originally from Haiti, Véroushka has been dancing since the age of 3. She has taken courses in dramatic art and classical, contemporary and folkloric Haitian dance. At 18 years old, she arrived in Canada. She continues her training through numerous intensive courses, internships and workshops across Canada and the United States.
Since 2010, she has specialized in traditional Haitian dances, Afro-contemporary and Dancehall and is part of the company “Aurée Danse-Création” directed by her mentor, Shérane Figaro. In 2018, she participated in the show "Julie Snyder présente Danser Pour Gagner" on the national channel VTélé with her dance group named “Womanity”, which made it to the Top 5 of the best urban dance troupes in Quebec. Véroushka believes in personal development and never tires of discovering and promoting dance.


Haitian Folk Dance Trainer

Winnie J. was born in Haiti. She is studying teaching. She advocates the importance of learning and knowing our history. It all starts with classes given on weekends to elementary school children at CÉGEP Marie-Victorin. This will eventually lead her to work with Afro-descendant children at la Pointe de l'ale School Board. The goal: to teach the children their history through games, dance and singing. She has been offering history lessons to adults since 2017.
Winnie is best known for her involvement in the Black Community of Montreal. As an influencer and a blogger, she organizes conferences that invite the public to come and have fun while getting informed.


Haitian History Tutor