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It's the KAYE KOKON (chrysalis notebook, in Haitian Creole)! It will be used as a support for the learning of Haitian Creole during the courses given by the Center Toussaint. It is strongly recommended to order it online at least 2 weeks before the start of the class.

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It's the KAYE CHENI (caterpillar notebook, in Haitian Creole)! It is the first in a series of four: CHENI (caterpillar), KOKON (cocoon), PAPIYON (butterfly), MYÈL (bee). It will serve as a support for learning Haitian Creole.

In the first part, there are lessons as well as vocabulary words (Haitian alphabet, nasal vowels, oral vowels, half-vowels, formulas of courtesy and self-presentation, numbers, ordinal numbers, countries and nationalities, cities and departments, family and relatives, fruits and vegetables, animals, words for males and for female, adjectives - emotions and states, colors, conjunctions, definite articles, indefinite articles, adjectives, adverbs and indefinite pronouns, personal subject pronouns, verbs and several other words.).

In the second part, there are several lined pages for writing. They provide plenty of space for note taking, class activities, homework, and even for drawing and creativity!

Processing time: 2-14 days.
Delivery times vary according to Canada Post (3-5 days).

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Language: French / Haitian Creole
ISBN: 978-1-716-77615-1
Category: Education and language
Copyright: All rights reserved - Standard copyright license
By (author): Sly Toussaint



Pages: 50
Binding: Paperback
Interior Color: Color
Dimensions: US Letter (8.5 x 11 inches / 216 x 279 mm)




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